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Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband

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101 Creative Ideas for Making Love

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  Have you ever heard someone mention an exotic sexual technique or practice, and not known what it was? 101 Creative Ideas for Making Love probably has a page dedicated to it—and it has a hundred more ideas to suggest! Enjoy the new freedom that comes with sexual skill, and try the "tricks" previously known only to the most adventurous couples.     

If you've ever been disappointed with a lack of variety in your lovemaking, it's because you didn't have this book. After researching sex secrets from all around the world, the most intriguing and exciting ones were selected. All these creative sex techniques are explained in detail inside. You'll never be at a loss for a lovemaking idea again!

101 Creative Ideas...

101 Creative Ideas...

Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife

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    It won't take long for your wife to notice the new sexual skills you'll soon develop, and we assure you she won't be complaining. You may want to pass on the knowledge you discovered, and if you do, Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife will come in handy.

    My wife Susan and I collaborated on this book. It contains most of the same secrets in Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband, but it's written for women. When your wife reads it, she'll be set on the road to improving her own sexual response and she'll learn some wonderful new ways to please you.

When Your Husband Is Never In The Mood

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Do you struggle with "getting in the mood?"

If you (or your spouse) struggles with a lack of sexual interest, this book is the answer.

Co-written with my wife, Susan, this book provides all of the secrets to re-igniting any man's libido.

Before you utilize the knowledge and skills of the rest of the library, you have to learn how to increase your sexual interest and desire.


101 Romantic Ideas

101 Romantic Ideas

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    In a strong Christian marriage, husband and wife frequently find new ways to remind each other of their love. From our friend the bestselling author Michael Webb, this is a collection of great ideas to surprise and delight your spouse. You can't let your relationship with your wife become routine or forgettable if you want to stay happy together forever. This book will give you great ideas on how to create moments you'll both remember.

     Michael Webb is a Christian, and has spoken to couples about romance on over 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News, The 700 Club, The Other Half, and FOX News.

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